Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ok, so maybe it's been a while...

My mom pointed out to me today that I haven't posted on our blog since August. I thought, "Wow, has it really been that long?" And yes, somehow it really has been that long. Hard to believe actually. But I blame it on the fact that we lost our camera after our trip in August, and then didn't find it until just recently. So now that we've got our old trusty camera back, I'll be posting more regularly again.

As for now, here are some of the pictures we have on our camera from our sweet trip back to Utah in August- this was for our 5 year anniversary- and where better to go than to where we first met and fell in love...the magical Logan, Utah. What a special place this little town has in our hearts.

We also got to go to Logan Lanes where many-a-bowling games went down back in the day. We couldn't believe how cheap it was to bowl in Logan! Funny how quick you forget. We loved it.

And to finish off an amazing Summer vacation...my grandma made us peach pie from scratch with peaches fresh off the trees from her back yard. Really? Yes, really.

It was sad to say goodbye to family and especially to our little nephew, Nixon. But oh how nice it was to see everyone. A nice end to the Summer...

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veronica flores said...

Thanks for posting, I love to see stuff you write. I still post on chicas if you want to see.