Monday, June 29, 2009


It's been a good couple of months. Sorry we haven't been faithful in updating this recently. 

We'll start from May... Joseph didn't want for me to post this, but I just had to because it's a huge accomplishment. He graduated from graduate school at VCU in their advertising program. It was a long two years that seemed to go by quickly (weird how that happens), and it felt so good to finally finish- I think almost just as good for me as it was for him. Now I'm sure you are wondering as you read this, "what are you going to do next?" And that is a question we are asking ourselves as well. The idea after graduate school is to find an awesome job, but we're coming to find out that that is taking a little longer than we had originally planned. Even still, we are enjoying this time "off," and I am continuing to work at my job until we figure out what our plans are next. That is still a mystery, but we will keep you updated.

After graduation, we were fortunate enough to get to go on vacation to El Salvador (where my mom is from). We'd been there before three years ago, but that was the only other time that Joseph had been. This trip was packed full of family parties and celebrations. Two of my cousins graduated high school, my aunt graduated from a program in business that she was doing, my sister had her birthday, and my other cousin had a baby shower. On top of that, we spent some days at the beach and went on a few scenic tours of El Sal as well. It was great. 

Here was our first day there. All the ladies in our family got to go to the salon to get our hair and makeup done before the big graduation party for my cousin Alex. I think there was a total of 11 of us that day at the salon from our family. In this pic you see just me, my sis, my aunt and my mom looking super sexy after our day at the salon. 

In the picture above here you see Brooks and Joe on the dance floor before the carnival started... 

...30 minutes later...the real party began. (Side note: they were the only ones wearing the fake hair in the entire place. And that is why we married them. )

Here are the two of us with our party face on! And of course since we had been traveling all day and I had spent all night packing, not too much time passed before I was out.

20 minutes later at 1:30 am, which really was 3:30 am for us. (this is joe: if you look closely you can see a little drool)

(Joe speaking) Here is a sweet old guy working on either a hammock or a blanket. It was pretty crazy to see how it all worked and just how long it took them to finish electricity or machines, just pure 80 year old muscle.  I don't exactly know what he is doing on the second image...I just thought it was a funny picture.

Brooks and I after a good body surfing session...we were tossed around like little rag dolls, but it was all worth it.  The wave in the background doesn't do it justice.  They were seriously pretty intense....I promise.

(back to B) In between our family parties and chillin' on the beach, we took a few tours of El Salvador which my aunt had set up for us. Right as we were taking off in the tour bus, we hear this sudden loud bang behind us which happened to be a pole that the bus driver ran into. The best part about it was the drivers reaction. Brooks' facial expression above pretty much sums it up. "Este..."

The picture you see here is a hike we took through the jungle that went around a crater and you could also see one of the volcanos from here as well. It was really pretty, I especially loved the hike.  

We also went horse back riding on this tour- it was pretty awesome. 

This picture is one of my favorites. How perfect is his face right now? He is always asking me to pose in pictures by myself which I hate- so I said, "here, you get in one." And now he knows how awkward it feels sometimes. 

In this picture, you see Brooks, Cristi, Daniel (my moms fiance), me and Joseph. Pretty, yeah?

Sisters- love them. 

We had so much fun during the trip, seeing the sites, hanging out on the beach, and I think best of all...getting to just chill with the fam. For now, these are all the pics we'll post, but we'll have more to come shortly.