Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coming Soon...

I have exciting news! My website that has been "coming soon" for the last year and a half is finally finished and on the web! Thanks to my amazing husband who lovingly put hours of work into it- the website can now be found at Please check it out! He did an amazing job.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What happens to Richmond when it snows??

So what do you think happens to Richmond when it snows 6-8 inches??? It is beautiful at first as you can see above.

Then later on after it begins to pour down thick- things start to happen. As you can see above- the wiring in Richmond needs some help. This is a picture of our back yard. I'm pretty sure that the pole you see is not supposed to be leaning. Anyhow, the result is what you will see below...

Huge explosions and power outages all over the city. What would be considered a light flurry in Salt Lake practically puts the entire city of Richmond to a halt. Gotta love Richmond!

music + family + friends = good times

Ellwood Coffee is a great community place. It offers the best in delicious, organic, fair trade, food and drinks. This past Saturday, my friend Naomi and I played at the new Ellwood's Coffee.

We had so much fun and enjoyed spending the night playing music and mingling with family and friends that came by for a listen. Thanks to those who came out!