Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A little update

So perhaps it's been a little too long since I've posted last. This is true. But, nonetheless I am posting tonight.

I spent a good majority of February out West for the birth of my little baby nephew, Nixon Bradly Dame. It was an interesting experience seeing that I flew out there twice. The first time was a false alarm. The doctors had told my sister that they were going to take him 6 weeks early, and so I bought my ticket right away to be there not only as a support but to experience it all. Of course, the doctors had changed their minds, and decided to wait. They gave us the impression that the baby would just continue growing full term. So, I flew back home thinking that I would not be able to see the baby for a couple of months. The following week, the doctors found that the baby had stopped growing and decided to induce my sister the next morning. So, my sweet mom kindly let me use her extra flight miles to once again fly out for the birth of the baby.

He was born 4 weeks early and I made it literally right in time for the birth. It was so amazing to witness. He was a fighter from the first second he came out, and a tough little guy to endure all of the pokes and lights and beeping noises that he had to experience during the first week while he stayed in the NICU. But, gratefully everything went well and he is a growing happy little guy. So glad he is here with us. My friend Holly Hackett made his hat. She is a talented gal.

After coming back to NYC, my mom stopped for the night while flying home to where she lives in DR. We had a good time, and quickly saw a few of the classic NYC sites. She was only here for one night. We went to Times Square, and went to see Blue Man Group in Astor Place. It was fun to have her visit- even if the visit was short.