Sunday, July 27, 2008

More loves...

I thought of a few more things that I love about being here right now, so I thought I'd quickly share those...
First of all, they have the best fruit here- and what makes it taste even that much better is that it isn't that expensive (compared to the U.S. I guess). In this picture here, I am about to eat a huge fruit salad that cost me about $2.50. How great is that?!

Secondly, I love moments like these. We ride the bus quite a bit from the orphanage to Bogota and other places- and not just in Colombia- but in about every South American country I've been in, they like to squeeze about as many people as humanly possible on a bus. I love moments like these when we have to ask ourselves, "Is this really happening right now?" We have a lot of these moments, and they make for great laughs afterward. Here is a picture that also shows you just how well Joseph fits in here. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Chancho...I need to borrow some sweats."

Joseph and I decided to start a blog together because we are currently in Colombia traveling and working at an orphanage for 6 weeks, and we would like to show some pics to family and friends who are far away and don't get to live these experiences with us. We have had such a good time so far. We are actually about half way through...we've got 3 weeks left here. Our goal for this trip has been to really enjoy and live in the moment. It is easy to focus on all the little things that you miss about home or the US, but we are trying to focus on all of the things we love about being here right now. Here are a few examples of things we have loved so far:

1. We live at this orphanage about an hour out of Bogota, Colombia which is in the country. One of the things I love is how peaceful and beautiful it is around there. Here is me and my little sister Mandy just outside of the orphanage.

2. We have found a lot of relation to Nacho Libre...and it never gets old. "It's the best!" Joe saw the "elote loco" on the streets here and naturally couldn't leave without giving it a try. He loved it!

3. We have loved getting to spend more time with my little sis Mandy and my dad. We've had a great time, and it has been so much fun. They leave before we do, and we will miss them greatly.

4. Oh, and how could I forget..."the orphans, they are my heart" (Nacho Libre quote once again). At times, they can be really stressful to deal with because there are 35 of them, and so it drains you if you don't get a break once in a while. The mornings are usually a little more quiet because most of the kids are at school, so that has been nice. When they get home from school, we usually help them with their homework, and then do an activity with them before dinner. After dinner, we usually just play games, do hair, put them to bed, read and sing to them, etc. Here are some pictures of the kids.

The one on the right is our airplane flying contest that we did with them...and the one on the left is just us hanging out and playing music.

This boy is Joseph's favorite although he doesn't like to admit it. He could be compared to "chancho" in Nacho Libre. He's got these cute chubby cheeks...he really is such a cutie.

Joseph has also become the giant of the orphanage who is constantly being asked to throw kids around...they can never get enough. We have loved so many things about being here. We are glad that we decided to come down. We've got to go now back to the orphanage, so we will post more later.