Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goodbye 2008

It's officially 2009! That is exciting to me for some reason. I just feel good about 2009, I think good things are coming. Joseph will finish up grad school in 2009! That is already something we are anxiously excited for... and with that graduation will come a lot of changes... and I am hoping and anticipating that they will be good changes.

It has been a while since we have posted on here and I have quite a bit to catch up on. So I will go back a little.

First of all...Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving this year, we had so much fun because Mandy, Cristi, Brooks and my mom can out to visit us! We got to celebrate Mandy's birthday together as well as Thanksgiving in Williamsburg. I had never been to Williamsburg before, so I was a little worried that it might not be as fun and interesting as everyone had told me it was. But we had a really good time. As you can tell by the pictures, we really tried to experience Williamsburg to the fullest.

After they left, it was hard to go back to work and get back into the routine of things. I have to admit, I had so much fun with them that it was really hard for me to see them leave. I was able to get back into the swing of things after about a week, and the fact that Christmas and New Years was approaching made it that much easier to continue forward.

We had a really nice Christmas and New Years break with a good amount of time off to chill out. We also went all over the place it seemed. Joseph and I went up to Wilton, CT where he grew up and spent time with friends family for a few days. We met up with Sarah in New York and went to see the train they have at the botanical gardens. They have created an entire town out of all natural products from plants and trees, and it is pretty unreal! The detail was amazing.

We also had a chance to do some ginger bread house making with our friends, the Pratts, one night. Ours for some reason turned out to be an LA house. We have a half pipe and a pool in the back yard. (Clearly Joe's idea)

We also had a chance to play in the snow up there with the Francia family. It snowed quite a bit when we were up there. I miss the snow, but I'm not so sure I miss the cold.

Look at how cute this little girl is. You gotta love the suit.

Finally...to end out trip and vacation, we spend Christmas and a few days after the new year at the Merkley's farm in C-ville. It was much warmer than NY and we got to spend days by the fire and take walks out in the beautful woods. It was very relaxing and we had a great Christmas. It was different this year because there were no kids around, so we woke up late, ate late and opened our gifts around noon. It was a nice way to end the Holidays.