Sunday, October 30, 2011

Album Release on 11.11.11!!

A New Day by Bianca Merkley


Cheri' said...

Good luck with the release! Wish we could be there.

3 Peanuts said...


I saw on another blog a very thoughtful question you had about adoption. I loved your question and I answered it but realized that it was an old post and you might never see it so i coped and pasted here:) Hope that it okay:)


I am not sure you will ever see this but I had to respond because I can answer this. I never had trouble conceiving children. I got pregnant as soon as we tried with our two sons. But God planted a seed in my heart when I was a little girl to adopt. I just kind of always thought I much so that I was actually a little surprised when we got pregnant so easily. God still had plans for us and without making this a novel, He put some things in our path to lead us to adoption. We adopted a little girl from China and she is such a HUGE Blessing!!!! It was WAY harder to adopt her than to have children biologically for us. I did wonder deep down if I would love her the same way as the two boys I carried and delivered. We have had our daughter for almost 5 years now and I love her more than one could ever imagine. In fact, in some ways our bond is stronger and I will tell you why.... I had to earn her love. I had to earn every single drop of her trust. My boys were born knowing me and my husband. They were born knowing that we would feed them and comfort them when they cried. They were born into the automatic and unconditional love of our family. When my daughter met me she was 10 months old. I was a complete stranger to her (she was in a foster family for those 10 months in CHina). She did not know that I would meet her needs and she woke up all night long scared of her new life. She did not know if I would come back if I put her in the church nursery. I had to prove my love to her. And when you work THAT hard for something is more precious than rubies. So, yes adoption is different but it is in NO WAY less. It is amazing. The most amazing love.

Okay so I still wrote a novel but this topic is so near and dear to my heart.